Don’t we all love when winter turns into spring? The world is telling you it feels good to be outside again and look at properties. This also means that you have to look after your curb appeal.

In this article we will be talking about the base of curb appeal, your garden and how it will be lush and appealing. Let’s first look at what our Friends at URBAN (Land, Tree, Soil) have to offer until March 14th. In the next ten days, Spring is in the air.
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Curb Appeal: The Soil

Soil is a mixture of rock, sand, clay, decaying organic matter, minerals, fungi and manure. It’s far more than just dirt under our feet or something where vegetation grows. Soil supports life as it plays a crucial role in the earth’s ecosystem and is a critical part of human existence. It will also be the foundation of your curb appeal.

Soil is referred to as “the skin of the earth” and has many benefits including:

  • Provides agriculture.
  • Anchor’s roots to plant life — supplying oxygen.
  • Provides a habitat for billions of organisms and helps biodiversity, supporting most antibiotics used to fight diseases.
  • Holds necessary nutrients for vegetation to grow.
  • Filters rainwater, protects groundwater quality and regulates overflow to prevent flooding
  • A cache for carbon.
  • Supports foundation’s of man made structures and helps manufacture resources.
  • Shows history of past environmental conditions.

Soil Layers

Soil consists of 6 layers (also called horizons) and when put together they form a soil profile. A soil profile is the side view of soil, from top to bottom layer.  The type of soil, or name of the soil, depends on the percentage of sand, clay, gravel, and rock that is mixed in with organic materials. There are 6 layers that exist in a soil profile:

  • 1st Layer (topsoil): made from fresh soil and decaying matter. Colors range from brown to black.
  • 2nd Layer: composed of decomposing organic matter. Colors range from brown to gray.
  • 3rd Layer: consists of sand and silt. By this point, it has lost most of its nutrients. Light brown in color.
  • 4th Layer: comprised clay and large rocks. Colors range from rust to tan.
  • 5th Layer: is made of bedrock and gray in color.
  • 6th Layer: composed of rock and gray in color.

With over 1,300 types of soil found in here in Texas, there’s a huge amount of variations within the soil. Texas soils are complex due to our wide diversity of climate, geology, landscape and vegetation


Urban Soil specializes in a wide variety premium soil blends. Each soil’s designed to provide maximum performance in a specific setting. All soils are blended to provide optimum organic matter, moisture retention and nutrient retention. Soils should be selected by the type of area and plant materials that will be planted.

  • Enriched Topsoil: a ½’’ screened soil made from a blend of compost and loam soils. It’s a general use soil great for shrubs, perennials and turf.
  • 4-Way Soil: a ½’’ screened soil made from loam soils, compost and sand. It is designed for raised bed applications where drainage is more important. It’s excellent for shrubs, perennials, annuals, veggies and some turf applications.
  • Garden Soil: a ½’’ screened soil made from loam soils, sand and compost. It has a specific ratio of each ingredient to provide superior drainage, moisture retention and nutrient retention. Veggies demand a lot of water and nutrients, this soil will help maximize moisture retention and nutrient retention, resulting in less of a need for water and fertilizer.

Urban’s soils are formulated to support long lasting, sustainable and beautiful landscapes and gardens. Our expertise in arboriculture and horticulture means we know what your garden and landscaping needs to thrive in our hot Texas climate.

Urban will blend any of our specialty soils to meet your needs. Specialty soil mixes may include Bio Swale media, Bio Retention media, soils for managing heavy clay areas and aquatic media or any other design specific soil mix.

To ensure success to your spring curb appeal project, let’s start with the good foundation, and make sure you plant your beautiful flowers and trees in the right soil, that way they will be nourished throughout the year.

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